Message from the Founder

Dear Friends,

On April 17, 2001 I gathered a small group of friends, hoping to launch a volunteer-based organization that would give back to the voiceless and vulnerable of our community.  That evening, Pet Peeves, Inc. was born and became a vehicle for other, qualified 501C3 organizations to apply for essential funding.  In addition to animal rescue, the Pet Peeves mission includes and supports Humane Education programs and Pet Therapy initiatives—all nurturing the bond between humans and animals.

This year, two decades later, Pet Peeves has raised and distributed close to two million dollars in grants, while raising awareness for a myriad of animal related causes.  I am honored to work alongside an incredible Pet Peeves Board of Directors, comprised of extraordinary business professionals, who donate their time and skill sets to our mission.

Thanks to the PP volunteer committee, our annual fundraiser averages over five hundred attendees and includes a list of incredible sponsors.  At these events, we celebrate and honor our Grantees who work tirelessly on behalf of homeless pets and animal related missions.   In addition to annual grants, Pet Peeves has supported emergency hoarding rescue, flood and hurricane rescue, Humane Education, Foster programs and hundreds of Spay/Neuter clinics.

Despite having to cancel last year’s annual fundraiser due to the pandemic, I am proud to report that during high quarantine, we encouraged the foster and adoption of hundreds of Long Island shelter pets. Bravo to each of you who added a homeless pet to your family during such a difficult time!

I celebrate our Pet Peeves 20th Anniversary in my heart with each of you!   Most importantly, know that your generosity and commitment to the Pet Peeves mission, helps us save innocent lives.

My best wishes to you and your pets for a better year filled with good health and safe gatherings.


Janine Dion

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