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Covid 19 Crisis

May 4th, 2020

Making a Difference

Dear Pet Peeves Family,

Our lives may be in quarantine, but our human spirit cannot be contained. I am thinking of you and your families through these difficult days of uncertainty. I pray that each of you and your families are safe and in good health.

Our pets are our beloved family. They provide us with unconditional love, and they bring calm to our lives, especially in today’s unprecedented times of stress.

Sadly, pet owners are giving up their pets in record numbers, due to illness, hospitalization, and job loss. Essential employees find themselves working double shifts and are simply not home to care for their pets. Some need temporary assistance and others need permanent homes for their pets.

Fostering a needy shelter pet might be a great way to rescue a lonely, depressed, orphaned pet, and bring a new fuzzy friend into your life—even if it’s temporary.

What is Fostering? Taking a pet into your home temporarily and providing food, potential medication, exercise and a loving home. Foster Parents often volunteer for this service when their schedule permits, with the understanding that they can return the pet when they need to resume their “normal” schedule. Better yet, while a foster is in your care, find a permanent, loving home for him/her so that your foster never needs to return to a cage in a shelter environment again.

A list of incredibly hardworking Long Island shelters and rescue groups is listed on our Pet Peeves website. Please call your group of choice and ask about their foster program. A few weeks or months in your loving home can save the life of a pet and a family in need. We can all use a little more love during these difficult days.

With warm virtual hugs,
Janine Dion
Founder & President

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