Alex and Elisabeth Lewyt Wholly Charitable Trust 2021 Grants

Dear Grant Applicant:

Pet Peeves, Inc. is excited to introduce its new paperless Grant application process!

Paperless is green, cost effective, efficient, faster, and safer!

You can apply for a grant by clicking the link below.

We have included detailed instructions for this application below so you will have all the required information and documents ready. You can download a printed version of these instructions here.


Online Application


The documentation requirements have not changed. To be considered, you must submit the following with your application:

  1. 501(c)3 Certificate (IRS Determination Letter)
  2. Form 990/Tax Return – NOTE: If your organization is on extension for the 990 filing, we can accept one of the following in lieu of the tax return:
    1. Detailed balance sheet and income statement prepared by an accountant, or
    2. QuickBooks or other financial software detailed balance sheet and income statement*, or
    3. Handwritten detailed balance sheet and income statement*.
  3. Tax Status Disclosure Form

*If you are submitting financial statements that are NOT prepared by a CPA, you MUST also include the following SIGNED statement on the financial statement or on the organization’s letterhead,

“I declare that I have examined the attached financial statements and to the best of my knowledge and belief, all information reported on the statements is true, correct, and complete.”

  1. Board of Directors List
  2. List of Largest Grants/Donations (greater than $5,000 within the last three years)
  3. Financial Statements: Last Fiscal Year Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement

IMPORTANT!!! This is an important step – If you quit this application at any time, your work WILL NOT be saved, and you will have to start again:

  • Be sure to have ALL of the above documents in digital format and ready to upload BEFORE you start the application process.
  • Please name your document files, prior to uploading, using the following format – “Organization Name – Document Name” (example: “XYZ Animal Rescue – 501c3”).

IMPORTANT: If you are awarded a Grant, you will be required to complete a Grant Feedback Form outlining program goals, impact of Grant funds received, measurement of impact, and accounting/financials to substantiate that the funds have been utilized as earmarked by your initial application (receipts, statistics, photos, narrative, etc.). If you do not submit a Feedback form within 90 days of receipt of funds, you will be disqualified from future consideration.

For technical assistance in filling out this form, please email, with your name and evening/weekend telephone number, and our Administrative Assistant will contact you.

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