“The question is not ‘Can they reason?’ Nor ‘Can they talk?’ But ‘Can they Suffer’ “
Jeremy Bentham, Philosopher


In every shelter animal there’s a sad story to be found. A story of abuse, neglect, abandonment or displacement. Some of them were brutally mistreated, others denied sufficient food and water to survive. Still others came from loving homes but their owners somehow disappeared from their lives, leaving them frightened, bewildered and often despondent.

Animal rescue organizations and no-kill shelters give them a second chance. A chance to get desperately needed food, medical care and a warm place to sleep. Most of all, they give them the chance to find a new owner and a new home through adoption programs.

We are a fundraising organization–we do not perform hands on rescue–we fund those shelters, rescue groups and individuals who work on the front lines physically rescuing and caring for homeless and abused animals in need. We enable them to save the lives of abused, abandoned and unwanted animals. Our funds go directly to their rescue, care and rehabilitation –not to administration, salaries or issues that do not directly impact the welfare of the animals.

Examples of funding for rescue:

  • Spay neuter programs
  • Low Cost and Free clinics
  • Medical supplies
  • Safe Haven Programs
  • TNR Programs
  • Food Pantries


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