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Save a Life in the New Year 2018

January 4th, 2018

Dear Friends,

Let’s make a pledge for 2018. If you see something…say something! Together, we can save the lives of voiceless animals.

Please call 911 and report anyone suspected of keeping an animal outside in these frigid temperatures. Here are the numbers to call (you can call anonymously). Don’t wait for someone else…time can save an animal from suffering.

Police 911
Suffolk County SPCA: 631-382-7722
Nassau County SPCA: 516-843-7722
Nassau County DA’s Abuse Hotline: 516-571-7755

Domesticated pets are not bred to endure the current outside temperatures-the coat and fur will not keep them warm enough to be outside, chained and/or confined to a pen. Paws and extremities are especially sensitive to cold.

After hours of being left outside in frigid temperatures a healthy dog or cat will suffer hypothermia, immeasurable suffering, and possible death. Very young, elderly, and frail animals are even more vulnerable. A flimsy doghouse is a poor excuse for shelter. Water bowls freeze causing dehydration, and food is inedible or non-existent.

Thank you for forwarding this and posting it to your face book and social media accounts.

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